Reset, Repair & Thrive

Discover a natural medicine approach to help you
with the treatment and support of stress, anxiety,
fatigue, pain, inflammation, digestive,
and hormonal problems.

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Damian offers patients a holistic, investigative approach to healthcare focused on evidence-based practice and the art of healing.

This model of healthcare is often referred to as Functional Medicine.


Our unique approach addresses symptoms by focusing on the underlying cause of the problem, leading to more profound and longer lasting results.


The body is an interconnected system in dynamic relationship with it’s environment and we help you identify the importance of these connections in health and healing.


We believe that individual and personalised care is the best way to achieve optimal health to ensure you are empowered with the right information and support.

What others are saying…

Damian is the first health professional I have had the pleasure to know who can help solve the problem, no matter how complex the issue. He reveals the underlying causes, or the origin of the complaint, allowing healing to take place. He has a holistic and innate ability to get to the heart of the matter.


Julie Regan

Food Fix

Damian is an incredible healer. He has an absolute wealth of knowledge, calm nature and helpful attitude. Thank you so much Damian, it was a pleasure seeing you.


Sarah Lowes

Damian’s depth of understanding about the healing arts is matched by his breadth of knowledge about the health industry itself. A true health practitioner in every sense of the word.


Brendan Rohan


I have never met someone who has such broad knowledge and healing abilities. Damian will investigate and address any underlying issues along with finding the true cause. He is the first person my family and I contact for support, health and healing.


Bec Edwards

Red Hill Fresh